Geoplanning is a geographic planning tool for optimizing and planning field resources and enhancing customer service quality.

Optimized decision making

  • Enables rounds and pick-up and distribution routes, etc. to be organized.

  • Enables instant communication with teams in the field.

  • Enables effective performance to be analyzed via job reports and completed tasks.

  • Enables previous reports to be compared.

Operational optimization tools to:

  • send back field data in real time
  • create a geographic planning optimization module that works alongside your management tools (ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • assign tasks according to location and skills, priorities and the resources necessary to successfully complete the job (dynamic routing)
  • send event alerts
  • optimize field staff’s routes and rationalize their activities (working time, mileage, service)
  • prepare schedules and routing orders according to personal management rules


  • Optimization of rounds according to the engineer’s profile/expertise.

  • Management of  job times, non-productive time, etc.

  • Setting up of  rules and constraints for managing working hours, opening hours, etc.

  • Access to a wealth of task information (status, priority level, job time, etc.) displayed in the form of dashboards and reports.

Key benefits 

  • Assistance with planning

  • Accuracy of planning

  • Increased number of calls

  • Enhanced quality of customer services

  • Reduction of non-productive costs

  • Reduction of running costs (travel, fuel, CO², telephone, etc.)

  • Creation of dynamic schedules thanks to simplified, clear management
  • Handling emergencies
  • Responses to customers’ requirements (customized report, traceability, etc.)


As a planning optimization tool, Geoplanning is a web platform which is:

  • secure (SaaS), available in several languages

  • accessible via a computer, smartphone or tablet

  • available as a white labelled version that can be customized according to the integrator’s brand identity

  • adaptable, with scope for specific developments to meet the particular requirements of the trade or sector

  • flexible and available via a monthly subscription license per unit

  • and which offers a very rapid return on investment, as can be assessed.



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